Saco – the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations – consists of 23 independent trade unions and professional associations. It has a membership totalling over 600,000 university graduates or professionals with a college degree. Members include students, researchers, self-employed and employees

A key target audience for Saco are students that need guidance to make important choices about their future. It’s important for Saco to engage with members wherever they are and it became vital to adapt their communications to mobile.

Mobiletech created a number of mobile websites designed to help users make decisions about high-school or university programmes. One service allows students to complete a simplified personality test. Mobiletech also integrated blogs from people who have already made their choices.

When developing the mobile sites, the goal has always been to create services that Saco’s users wanted. With this in mind, user surveys were also implemented.

This showed that users were looking for personalized services. Mobiletech went on to build personal schedules for Saco’s annual Student fair and sent this out via sms.  As a result, usage of the service increased by 450 percent in one year.