Swedish Defence

Every Swedish Government organization has a duty to inform the Swedish public and provide easy access to information. For the Swedish Armed Forces, this means  a duty to inform the public about how tax-payers’ money are being spent, update the public on the Force’s commitments abroad and so forth.

With the growth in mobile devices to access all types of information, it was key for the Armed Forces to embrace the mobile channel. This was highly relevant to aid its recruitment efforts, often targeting young and mobile citizens.  In addition,  it also needs to be up to date in its use of technology to be considered an attractive employer.

Mobiletech created a mobile portal that dynamically integrates with the Armed Forces’ own Content Management System for the Internet to receive updated information, news and real-time video clips from head quarters. It also contains contact information and details of its recruitment efforts.

The mobile portal has seen stable traffic growth since the start. The number of subscribers to sms-reminders for recruitment of both officers and enlisted personnel grew to nearly 10,000 in august 2011.