Viborg Kommune

The Danish county of Viborg is the second largest in the country, measured in size. In Denmark, local authorities are responsible for nearly all citizen-focused services, including the social sector, education, child care, employment and utilities.

Viborg therefore had a well developed web site, providing citizens with a high level of service and information on all aspects of this.

After an increasing number of people had started accessing its website through a mobile device, it decided to become one of the first in the country to implement a mobile strategy to give mobile users access to the same quality of service.

Mobiletech developed an extensive mobile portal to meet Viborg’s needs. This was integrated with the county’s many back-end IT systems to make use of existing content and processes, and to make publishing to mobile hassle free.

The portal contains access to information concerning business, culture and politics and lets citizens provide input or feedback in various areas. For example, they can report needs for road repair. Citizens can find information about arts and leisure, while visitors have easy access to all things tourism. It even sends sms alerts to inform citizens about delays to school busses or when the next library bus is next in the area.

The service was launched with great national publicity in 2008, and three years on it’s an established part of the county’s communication with its citizens.