About Mobiletech

Mobiletech AS is a global provider of mobile software and services. Our award winning Platform helps businesses engage with customers through mobile solutions that are quick to develop, simple to deploy and cost effective to maintain. The solutions promise to work seamlessly on every mobile device – today and in the future.

Established in 2005, our Platform broke new ground by enabling mobile users to navigate the web with the same ease they expected from their PC.

Today, the mobile user experience is still at the core of our approach. Making sure that our clients have mobile solutions that give users an unrivalled experience not only increases traffic to their site – it is the key to building customer loyalty and making mobile initiatives profitable.

For Mobiletech’s customers, mobile is straightforward because:

  • We take a holistic view of web, mobile and apps to create the right solution for each one.
  • Our Platform automatically gives users the best mobile experience regardless of device, browser, the speed of their connection or geographic location.
  • Our Platform is future compliant – ready to exploit emerging technologies and manage the challenges they create.
  • You can start small and grow with your needs. The Platform scales easily and is built for high volumes and high performance.
  • Mobile becomes part of your existing work-flows. This ensures editorial flexibility and control, while content is published with no extra work and tools people already know.
  • Content need only be developed once to reach all mobile channels.
  • We are experienced at integrating modern mobile solutions with legacy systems.
  • The solution is simple and cost effective to maintain.
  • We are flexible and our solutions can support any business and deployment model.

Today, more than 300 companies rely on Mobiletech to power their mobile strategy with solutions that span 60 countries and 57 languages. They include local and global brands in media, telecoms, finance, energy and the public sector.

Mobiletech is headquartered in Norway and has offices in Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the United States. Through a strategic partnership with Vizrt, Mobiletech developed the Viz Mobile Expansion / Escenic Mobile Solution – probably the most advanced solution in the world for mobile website maintenance.